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About Us.

To travel to Iceland takes courage and we salute you! 
The unknown awaits you!

Our Vibe

~i love travel~

With courage travelers find new lands to learn of and love deeply. Our interest is to grant Iceland the greatest deserved respect. The history and heritage of Icelandic nature is phenomenal.  Stay cool!  

Iceland is an island of true magic. People and nature are connected and Icelanders are a living proof.  Experience the beautiful nature by booking our professionally guided experiences.

With honor and dignity we ask you to keep nature clean as best can be. There is a saying in Iceland that has echoed through the mountains for more than thousand years “Clean land beautiful land.”

A few words about us

We want to share with you Iceland's best travel experiences

I Love Travel is the MyNiceLand slogan, it unites us all together. We love travel because experiences become lifelong memories.

Nature is our home, we all share it and know it. Our hearts are connected with the beauty of nature. The treasures that await us are the golden experiences that we never forget. To be in communion with the beautiful nature is what loving travel is about.

The Travel Rune R

The Icelandic original rune system is a mighty tool of communication. This system was used by the original viking settlers of Iceland. It is so that the rune R symbolically stands for travel. The Icelandic word for travel is “Reið” which in fact means journey.

Our Core Values

Friendship and good humor are the gasoline to our motor. We believe that to build great large structures you need many more great small structures.  Guidance and guardianship of friendship is our responsibility when you travel. You are never really alone with us.

The Travel Vikings

Get to know the travel lovers from behind the scenes

MyNiceLand is a collaborative performance where travel lovers cooperate to bring the best to the best.

Careers & Partnerships

Be a part of our "Reið"

Are you as meek as the lion, as perky as the tiger and as outrageous as the orangutan? If so, lend a hand.

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