The Magical Northern Lights

Splendid Northern Lights
Witnessing Beautiful Northern Lights
SuperJeep Hitting The Spot

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Price from 23,000 ISK Per adult

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Amazing Tours

4 Hours

All Winter

No Age Limit


This is your fantastic opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience, the Northern Lights spark unforgettable memories as they strike with mesmerizing beauty. You head out from your hotel on a specifically modified Super Jeep to totally hunt down the incredible Aurora Borealis. Your driver and guide will be connected to wealthy sources of lights information as you chase into the night seeking the incredible magic of the Northern Lights. This incredible act of following the Northern Lights is amazing and the atmosphere that lingers to it refreshes the mind with renewed vigor. We’ll drive to wherever the lights take us, whatever the terrain is, we will follow the lights, over rivers or over ice, even over mountains as these incredible jeeps are specifically engineered to handle the wild Icelandic terrain. You will be engulfed in cosmic beauty as we track down a perfect spot to take your photograph, taking a professional photo of you with the Northern Lights in the background. The supreme beauty of these incredible dancing lights from above creates the perfect setting for us to take out warm chocolate milk and enjoy it comfortably under the beautiful cosmic symphony above. The Aurora Borealis can compose an astonishing variety of color and form, the possibilities seem endless. The colors are simply almost irresistible to look away from, making for a special bond of feeling like magic is in the air. Forms arousing the senses create mysterious movements across the horizon striking you with deep awe, creating lasting memories of unexplainable beauty. Get ready to have your breath taken away as you witness the Northern Lights, a phenomenal act of nature created by electrically charged particles swirling together in a great mass making for the best shows you can imagine.

What’s included?

An awesome driver-guide at your command will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Your driver-guide will set up professional camera equipment to take a beautiful photo of you with the Aurora Borealis.

Please note

We can not guarantee that the Northern Lights can always be found so we calculate weather conditions to study and map out the best routes for successful sightings. With the unlikely possibility occurring that you do not have the success of seeing the Northern Lights, you are invited to reschedule one extra time for free.
What do I need to bring?
You should dress according to the fast changing Icelandic weather by choosing to bring warm comfortable clothing with a waterproof outer layer. Choosing to accessorize with hats, scarfs, and gloves bring extra warmth and comfort, weatherproof shoes with good grip are recommended on the wild terrain.

Cancellation policy

You are free to cancel your booking whenever without any fees.