Icelandic Ocean Whale Watching


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3 Hours

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Get ready to board your beautiful and fully equipped whale watching ship at Reykjavik harbor. You’ll be exploring many species of wild whales and even delightful dolphins who may sing the songs of the ocean songs for you. Watching whales is beyond a doubt a magnificent experience, you will love watching these majestic and beautiful beings swim freely in clean oceans with pure heart and spirit. The experience of watching whales is both sentimental and spiritual in many incredibly astounding ways. We want to invite you to really witness the real power of the whales of our clean oceans. This luxurious ocean voyage takes up to three and a half hour to complete and has proven to give lovers of whales an incredibly mesmerizing experience. The Icelandic ocean is literally phenomenal as it is home to so many spectacular species of great diversity. Whales from all around the world navigate the oceans to find their way to the place to stay, Iceland. You’ll be engulfed in love and magical emotions when you meet the whales face to face. Enjoy this spectacular voyage to greet and meet this worlds heavyweight players, it is a memory you won’t forget. The vessel you’ll board for this adventure is highly prepared with all accessories perfectly planned to make sure you are happy, and our great friends the whales.

What’s included?

Seat inside for every passenger
Guide on every tour, skilled and friendly crew
Café lounge with hot drinks and refreshments on board
Warm overalls provided on board for free
Free WI-FI on board

Please note

Free Wi-Fi

What do I need to bring?

Dress warm & during the summer months its good to bring sunglasses & sunscreen on your nose!

Cancellation policy

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is canceled a day or less before the event