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The Wonders Of Iceland

Enjoy this perfect experience and truly feel Iceland 

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Beautiful Family Studying Together
The Beautiful Perlan of Reykjavik
Wonderful Girl Enjoying The Exhibit

The Wonders Of Iceland

Feel the thrill of science and nature working together. These exhibits are wonderfully orchestrated to make you have the bold freezing nature at your fingertips. The live experience of interactive technology will enlighten your understanding of Iceland’s nature. This admission gives you full access to the whole Perlan which is a treasure chest waiting for you to open. Iceland has celebrated Perlan for decades for reasons of joy. The performance and the excitement of Perlan magic are always worthwhile. The great way to spend a good day is experiencing Perlan and it never grows old with loving locals. You don‘t need to get too scared because you know you are in safe hands. Icelandic nature and science are together on this one and they are waiting for you.

This is the greatest way to spend a beautiful day with the family or your self as the Perlan Museum is a golden chest full of joy and experience. The Ice cave you’ll witness is a stunning milestone of human engineering as you’ll come to learn more of in the exhibits where the science is explained in simple detail. You can find a beautiful boutique and a delicious cafeteria in the Perlan where you can explore more treasures and feast on incredibly well-prepared delicacies.  The Perlan is the home of Iceland’s largest observation deck which lies on the top of the enormous hot water tanks and encircles the entire dome to give an amazing 360° view of Reykjavík and the great surrounding area. Enjoy this complete access to the whole of Perlan with all the magic included as you book your Wonders of Iceland Exhibition ticket

What’s included?

*Entrance to Wonders of Iceland
*Ice cave & Glacier exhibition
*Observation Deck

Cancellation policy

Bookings can be canceled whenever without any fees.
The Marvellous Perlan Musuem
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